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5/24/17 Penn Fan Special Annoucement

DID YOU KNOW: Our customized approach gives us the flexibility to fabricate our fans in nearly any design/layout, just like this stacked fan used to cool a transformer. 

May 2017  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

AISTech 2017 Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition - Held at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. This event will feature technologies from all over the world that help steel producers gain competitive advantages in today's ever expanding global market. This is a can't miss event for any company involved in any level of the steel industry. More than 8,000 people are expected to attend the show with over 500 exhibiting companies. 

8/2/2016  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to complete custom jobs for various industries. The below photo is a complete 304 Stainless Steel wash-down fan for the food industry. The ceiling mount feature keeps the fan out of the way while providing pinpoint cooling throughout the facility. Contact us for any of your fan needs, standard or custom!

1/12/2016  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

This 60" Drum Style Mancooling fan is the first of many to be sent to one of the larger mills in the Mid-West. This fan provides maximum airflow, and guaranteed durability, for cooling the customer's product.

10/2/2015  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

Penn Fan fabricated a test stand, built for a sustainable energy kinetic art project. The model is designed to passively rotate to face the wind just like a weather vane. Click the link to see a clip of the testing: 


5/28/2015  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

We take great pride in the quality products we fabricate at Penn Fan. Receiving testimonials like the following, help assure us that we are satisfying all of our customers no matter what the industry.

"To the folks at Penn Fan, we are very happy with your product. As a contractor working in the wine industry, we've found strength in dealing directly with high quality manufacturers. We look forward to using Penn Fan wherever possible."                     - Alex S, Commercial & Industrial Contractor in Napa Valley

The job in reference was for complete aluminum exhaust fans to ventilate a wine room for a large winery in Northern California. Penn Fan is proud to serve the Food & Beverage industry. 








5/22/2015  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

Custom fan styles and mountings are always an option. The fan below was designed for a powder coating facility where unwanted powdered metal was being pushed through the air, getting past workers' safety glasses and into their eyes. By adding the filter to the back of the fan, we were able to catch a high percentage of powder being brought into the fan and push out clean air to cool the workers. 

Call Penn Fan with your custom fan needs (724) 452-4570 

5/19/2015  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

At Penn Fan Company, we take pride in providing a customized, reliable product to fit your precise needs. A local Forge was in need of cooling racks for their heat treated products. Our Mechanical Engineer designed these adjustable frames and mounted our 18" Crane Cab Fan to the top. Finished with a heat resistant industrial paint, these units are built to last in the harshest of working conditions.














2/17/2015  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

Penn Fan will be exhibiting at Forge Fair 2015.  Booth# 135.

Stop by our booth and see what we've brought along.


2/10/15  Penn Fan Special Annoucement

Penn Fan manufactures a custom fan for a major North American car manufactuer for an automotive engine test stand.
Fan for Auto Engine Test Lab
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