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Type-T Fans

Penn Fan Table FanThis fans low profile allows it to fit under conveyors to cool product above & can be tilted vertically or horizontally for maximum versatility.

Table Fans


These low profile fans are designed to fit under tables, conveyors, rolling decks, etc. to provide cooling for products or people.  With their stable base and low height, our Table fans can easily be placed in areas most fans will not fit. Table fans are ideal for above or below a conveyor moving anything that needs cooling.  Many weld shops use our Type-T fans to provide air movement at or near floor level to help cool welders. Penn Fan’s line of Table fans are also popular in extrusion facilities, providing localized airflow exactly where it is needed.


                 PT: Pedestal Tilt                                                                              ST: Standard Tilt


Fan Performance

Note: Please call us for model dimensions, weights or custom configurations