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Type-C Fans

Type-C Fans

Penn Fan's Crane Cab Fans are designed for smaller, confined areas.  These fans come in both DC and AC voltages.  Like all of our fans, custom units are available.

Crane Cab Fans

Type-C Fans

Penn Fan’s line of Crane Cab fans offer incredible value. These compact industrial duty units are ideal for cooling tight spaces like crane cabs, mill pulpits, guard shacks, inspection stations, etc. Wall or ceiling mounted in any position, they save space and provide pin-point cooling. Units are available in DC and AC voltages, as well as single and three phase motors.


                 SB: Standard Base                                                                    CM: Ceiling Mount                                                    


                       RA: Right Angle                                                                   TD: Truck Dock Arm


Fan Performance

Note: Please call us for model dimensions, weights or custom configurations