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Type-M Mancooling Fans

Type-M Fans

Durable, effective and safe - Penn Fan manufactures high quality fans for challenging operating environments.Penn Fan Type M Fan

Mancooling Fans

Type-M Fans

Our Mancooling fans are perfect for any harsh industrial environment, as they provide versatility for both open work areas and selective spot cooling. The Type-M fan is built with a housing that covers only the fan blade, saving weight and space.  Its rugged construction equals that of a permanent fan, yet it can easily be positioned and adjusted for directional flow.  These Mancooling fans can be fabricated with four legs and casters, which makes for easy movement around your facility.  To save space, we offer a standard wall mount option, or a ceiling mount that allows the fan to tilt and swivel. Custom configurations are always available!


                  4L: Four Legs                              4LWC: Four Legs with Casters                   WM: Wall-Mount


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Note: Please call us for model dimensions, weights or custom configurations