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Type-LI Fans

Type-LI Fans

Several companies offer low quality pedestal and wall-mount fan options that don't cut it in harsh operating environments; count on our Type-LI fans to get the job done.

Light Industrial Fans

Type-LI Fans

Our Light Industrial fans are perfect for any manufacturing facility or plant that required improved air circulation for worker comfort. These fans maintain the durability and performance that we are know for, while providing an extremely competitive price point. We use American made, fan cooled motors for reliability, heavy duty steel guards for safety, and maximum flow fan blades for peak performance. Penn Fan offers a pedestal base with thermoplastic casters for easy transport throughout your facility, as well as a wall-mount option with tilt and swivel capabilites. 


     PW: Pedestal with Wheels                               WM: Wall-Mount


Fan Performance

Note: Please call us for model dimensions, weights or custom configurations