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Type-EX Exhaust Fans

EX & BD Fans

Penn Fan's exhuast fans are ideal for industrial ventilation.  
Penn Fan Exhaust Fan

Our fans are built to last with industrial duty, fan cooled motors and heavy duty fan blades.

Exhaust Fans

Type-EX (Direct Drive) & Type-BD (Belt Drive) Fans

Specially designed for maximum efficiency and quiet operation, our line of exhaust fans can either supply or extract air from your facility.  Our Type-EX (direct drive) and Type-BD (belt drive) fans are perfect for general ventilation and air circulation, and are the best choice for any environment; from steel mills and foundries to poultry houses and the food industry. Because of the popularity in the agriculture and livestock industries, our Type-EX and Type-BD fans can be built using farm duty motors for years of reliable, consistent operation.  Penn Fan’s direct drive and belt driven exhaust fans are available in a wide array of sizes for all ventilating requirements. These industrial fans are typically mounted vertically, and can be supplied for through-wall mounting.


                     P: Panel Only                                                                             BG: Both Guards


                  IG: Intake Guard                                                                      EG: Exhaust Guard


Fan Performance - Direct Drive


Fan Performance - Belt Drive


Note: Please call us for model dimensions, weights or custom configurations