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  • Crane Cab Fans

    Penn Fan's Crane Cab Fans provide
    cooling air movement for crane
    operators. These industrial duty
    fans provide years of reliable service.
    Units are available in DC and AC
    voltages. Contact us with
    your specific requirements.
  • Drum Fans - Industrial Duty

    Drum fans provide maximum durability
    in the harshest of operating
    environments. Penn Fan's Drum Fan
    units completely enclose the motor
    and axial propeller. Contact us
    with your specific requirements.
    Fans for forges and foundries.
  • Exhaust Fans & Panel Fans

    Looking for a fan with performance
    and longevity in an incredible value?
    You can rely on Penn Fan for the
    best industrial panel fans in
    the air movement industry. Penn Fan
    offers exhaust fans in both
    direct and belt drive.
  • Man Cooling Fans

    Penn Fan's Man Cooling fans are
    an industry standard in demanding
    operating environments. Penn Fan
    has over 40 years of experience
    supplying fans to the industries
    like steel mills, forges, foundries
    pulp/paper mills, etc.
  • Table Fans

    These axial fans offer a low
    profile which allows this fan to be
    located under a conveyor to cool
    product above. These fans
    can be tilted to deliver air
    vertically or horizontally.
  • Crane Cab Fans

    Penn Fan's Crane Cab Fans provide
    cooling air movement for crane
    operators. These industrial duty
    units are ideal for tight spaces
    like crane cabs, mill pulpits,
    guard shacks, inspection stations,
    toll booths, etc.
  • Drum Fans

    Penn Fan's Drum Fans were designed,
    engineered and built with industries
    such as steel mills, forges, foundries,
    and melt shops in mind. Decades
    of proven field operation is
    why we think of ourselves as the
    best fan manufacture.
  • Exhaust Fans

    Penn Fan offer's Panel Fans fans for
    almost any industry. Warehouses,
    factories, mills, barns
    etc. are ideal for Penn Fan
    air movement equipment. Our
    fans are the most durable in
    the air handling industry.
  • Man Cooling Fans

    You can go out an buy a cheaper fan but
    it will be cheaper. Cheaper in design,
    cheaper in materials, and cheaper in
    workmanship. Keep your personnel,
    processes and product cool and keep
    production running by purchasing a
    Penn Fan industrial fan.
  • Under Table Fans

    Do you have area that requires
    a lot of cooling but have limited space
    for a large fan? Penn Fan's line of
    on-table and under-table table fans are
    exactly what you need. The low profile
    of these fans make them ideal for under
    tables, decks or platforms.
  • Food Industry Fans

    Penn Fan offers all of our fans
    in complete stainless steel
    construction with washdown
    motors. We can offer these
    units in 304 and 316 stainless
    steel. Custom configuations
    are available.
  • Drum Fans

    Axial fans or propeller style fans for
    industrial applications are Penn Fan's
    specialty. Our Drum Fans are the most
    rugged in the industry. Penn Fan
    offers these fans with in a
    variety of bases, voltages and
    air volume for your application.
  • Panel Fans

    Panel Fans (also called Exhaust
    Fans) are popular in agriculture
    and livestock industries. All of our
    fans are available with farm duty
    motors for years of reliable
    operation. Contact Penn Fan
    with your needs.
  • Man cooling Fans

    Keep personnel cooler with a Penn Fan
    industrial Mancooling fan. These
    man cooling fans offer robust,
    industrial features to ensure years
    of reliable service in the harshest of
    operating conditions.
  • Tables Fans

    Penn Fan's Table Fans (or under table fans)
    are ideal for areas where space is limited.
    Not only can these fans be place under
    areas requiring cooling, they can be
    mounted on a wall or upsidedown.
    Penn Fan's heavy duty units are designed
    to operate in any orientation.
  • Crane Cab Fans

    Penn Fan's has built an
    industry-leading reputation
    as the manufacturer of industrial
    fans. Our "C" line, or Crane Cab
    Fan line, offers an incredible
    value. Navigate to our contact
    page if you have any questions.
  • Dram Fans

    If you have an environment that has
    taken it's toll on other fan units
    contact Penn Fan and let us know
    what you're experiencing. A fan
    specialist will recommend a unit
    based on your needs.
  • Panel Fans

    Our Panel Fans, or Exhaust
    Fans, are popular in agriculture
    and livestock industries. All of our
    fans are available with farm duty
    motors for years of reliable
    operation. Contact Penn Fan
    with your needs.
  • Man Cooling Fans

    As the name suggests, this line of
    fans were engineered to provide air
    movement for folks in industry.
    These units come with standard with crane
    hook loops so that they cab be easily
    relocated in a mill or shop.
  • Table Fans

    Tables fans are ideal for above or below
    a conveyor moving anything that needs
    cooling. Many weldshops use these fans
    to provide air movement at or near
    floor level to help cool welders.
    Whatever the application, we have
    a fan for you.

Welcome to Penn Fan

Manufacturer of Industrial Axial Fans

For almost 30 years Penn Fan has designed and manufactured industrial axial fans. Our man cooling fans, crane cab fans, table fans, panel fans / exhaust fans and drum fans are engineered to provide years of service in harsh, industrial conditions. Because we fabricate and test all of our fans in our manufacturing facility we can assure the most durable fans in the industry.


All of Penn Fan's axial fans boast a sturdy, all-welded construction that assures longevity in the harshest of conditions. Penn Fan uses only widely accepted, name-brand components and provides a durable industrial enamel finish.


Penn Fan uses Air Turbine Propeller axial fan blades for superior air flow, and reduced sound output. Each fan is tested in accordance with the latest ASHRAE and AMCA standards.


Safe operation is built into each unit we build. All of Penn Fan's units meet or exceed all OSHA requirements. Of course you also get our trademark, burnt orange industrial enamel finish for high visibility.